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* Survivor.lha (316.1 K) A REAL nice Amiga-promotion image by Eric W Schwartz.

* AmigaSpeed (2.8 K) AIBB6.5 and SysInfo measured Amiga ratings.
28 + 14 (=42) different Amiga configurations. One table containing relative ratings based on results from AIBB and another for SysInfo.

* CED35-rxSwap.lha (2.0 K) Arexx; swap word-pairs in CygnusED-text
Simple but effective ARexx script that will allow you to Swap (back and forth) pairs of words in any textfile. Comes set up for

a) select/do/end <->{#####/{#/##},
b) bolding on a)-words,
c) ARexx/"C"-comment nesting,
d) HTML-UL nesting.

a,c,d will allow you to use "find matching bracket" in CED for checking.

* CheckButtons.lha (0.5 K) Check Left & Right mouse buttons in AmigaDOS scripts.
Reads button status from hardware :-(.

* IconVerter1_12.lha (3.4 K) Icon Conversion, Arexx
This will convert your icons into:

a) dual-image,
b) complement or
c) backfill icons,
(either "to" or "from" NewIcons too if selected).

When using 'dual-image' the selected image is offset from the unselected by a specified amount of pixels. Handles file-lists and requester-chosen icons. It is *not* fast if you have less than '030/50 [= 8-9 sec/icon (2-image) or 1.5-2sec/icon otherwise].
Needs Iconian 2.96 (always) and ADPro2.5 (for dual image icons and file-requester). (NOTE: Swedish comments in there!)

* TVO_Arp13.lha (328.6 K) (The Very Old) AmigaDOS (1.3) Replacement Project.
ArpDOS-Docs, ArpDOS-commands, Install utility, arp.library-API and ConMan 1.3. This is a complete package (i hope) including a replacement arp.library for OS2+ (V40.2). The 1.x library version is V39.1. I've been running it on my 3.0 ROM A1200 for a while without problems.
Arp is an exact replacement and often a superset of AmigaDOS1.3. Even 2.x and 3.x lacks some things that are part of Arp. Examples: True pipes (With arp-shell and ConMan), Rename handles more than one file, Copy checks if the file "exists" or is "newer", the Move command is effective when moving files from one dir to another on the same disk...
BEWARE THOUGH: These DOS programs are unaware of the "Links" available in 2.0+, this may cause trouble. Arp_Shell_ is known to contain bugs. Freely distributable, (C) MicroSmiths 1987(?)

* UnArj241.lha (38.2 K) Amiga UNARJ version 2.41 ('000/'020/'030 versions + doc)

* UnZip512.lha (96.6 K) Info-ZIP UnZip 5.12, September 5, 1994.
Includes info where to find src.

* WaitWhileBusy.lha (1.5 K) CLI-command that waits for "idle" CPU
e.g. Wait for a disk validation to finish. A bit hard to config, but effective after that. It peeks the ExecBase/Dispatches value on a Delay()'ed basis.

* Zykla.lzh (5.2 K) Anti-"idle" AmIRC(V3.10) and ircII(1.0) scripts for #AmigaSWE
Handles "/CTCP nick ZYKLA seconds sender-nick" messages

* c2word.lha (1.2 K) Extract BODY from IFF-files. ARexx
This Arexx-script will extract the data that is held in an IFF-ILBM's BODY-chunk and write it to a *.i-file. Then the .i file can be "include"-d in an assembly.

* dos5_br.lha (43.4 K) backup.exe and restore.exe from MS-DOS 5.0

* dos620br.lha (43.5 K) backup.exe and restore.exe from MS-DOS 6.2

* e4.lha (62.4 K) SHAREWARE editor for MS-DUS
64K max per file, multiple files, macros, launch commands...

* henkwb.gif (55.0 K) GIF-snapshot of mr_Henk's 64 color WB

* install30.lha (386.8 K) Install-disk for AmigaOS/WB 3.0
This isn't included with A1200's. You need it to set up a harddisk.

* joinLZH (8.8 K) Join LHA multivolume-mode archives to single file.
Enables use of -V mode archives with unregistered lha.

* liceme2.2.0 (161.9 K) Using ircII on an Unix-box?
Then this makes life a lot easier.

* prwin.lha (1.2 K) Shell-command for "Please insert volume X"-requesters.
Type "prWin ?" in shell for more TECHNICAL info. Makes it possible to redirect or turn off all the requesters that AmigaDOS generates. Side effect; Disables /AUTO on CON: and KingCON / VinceED window iconifying.

* splitLZH (9.0 K) Split LHA-archives into multivolume-mode archives
Enables use of -V mode archives with unregistered lha.

* WhirlGif.lha (60.8 K) Generates GIF animations (yet.another.update)
Author:   Kevin Kadow (
Uploader: Hannu E K Nevalainen,
Version:  2.02
Type:     gfx/conv

 * -disp modes not functional (bug in org src) -  Fixed.
 * Updated Usage() text to truly reflect available options.

 Recompiled with geekgadgets gcc

  (name)                 (bytes)
  whirlgif202-ixemul      13468 (needs ixemul.library 46.1+)
  whirlgif202-noixemul    19168 (plain amiga exe)
 /Hannu E K Nevalainen, (Jul 7, 1997)

 Have a look at the output from whirlgif; -> klick on "Welcome" (161 KB)

Last update: 07 Jul 1997 at 21:33, by Hannu Nevalainen