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Date: Thu, 24 Jun 93 08:13:49 EST
From: (Daniel           J.      Hofferth    (317) 230-4791 AGT/8896)
Subject: [*] usenet-acronyms-11.txt

Dear Moderators,

No need to post this to the digest - it's already shown up there, in full,
by mistake.  What I really need is to have this archived as:

   (replaces)   /info-mac/comm/info/usenet-acronyms.txt


Dan Hofferth

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In IMv11-98 "ABRODY @ CLARKU" writes:

> Dear Netters,
> I have yet to receive replies #$%#$^ on abbreviations on the net!
> Sounds like an FAQ, yet I haven't the foggiest notion what BTW abbreviates.
> FAQ is simple enough, yet when BTW shows up I am at a lost.  Could someone
> kindly please send me a list of the most popular abbreviations on the net, 
> as I don't always have access to Internet's FAQ list, nore do I necessarily 
> have the time do a thorough reading of a 25K text file.  Thank you.


BTW = "By The Way"

It _is_ a common abbreviation on Internet... and I've grown so accustomed to 
seeing it that I (like many others) use it without considering how opaque it
must seem to some.

BTW, FWIW, I once saw an amusing (IMHO) summary of common Email abbreviations 
somewhere on Internet.  Apparently, it has been long forgotten or nobody
RTFM.  IAE, I kept thinking that I'd repost it again, RSN, to cut down on 
these FAQ's re: TLAs.  Guess I could summarize now.  If, after reading it, 
you find that you are SITD, remember that TANSTAAFL.  

(Boy, that was fun. ;)

Popular (and clean) Internet acronyms:

        AFAIK/R   As far as I know/reccon
        AFK       Away From Keyboard
        BTW       By the way
        BRB       (I'll) Be Right Back
        BBL       (I'll) Be Back Later
        FAQ       Frequently asked question
        FW        Freeware
        FWIW      For what it's worth
        FYI       For your information
        IAE       In any event
        IMHO      In my humble opinion (also IMO)
        LOL       Laughs Out Loud
        JASE      Just another system error
        MFZ       Microsoft free zone
        OTOH      On the other hand
        MOTD      Message Of The Day
        PD        Public Domain
        ROTFL     Rolls On The Floor Laughing
        RSN       Real soon now
        SITD      Still in the dark
        SW        Shareware
        TANSTAAFL There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
        TIA       Thanks in advance (also aTdHvAaNnKcSe)
        TLA       Three letter acronym (also FLA)
        TTFN      Ta ta for now

Excuse the language below... these _are_ also circulating:

        BTSOOM    Beats the S*** out of me
        FUBAR     F***ed up beyond all recognition
        PITA      Pain in the a**
        RTFM      Read the f***ing manual (or message)
        SNAFU     Situation normal, all f***ed up.
        SOL       S*** outta luck

I've tried to restrict this list to those acronyms I see regularly - the
ones that seem to have "stuck"... there are a great many others that seem
to come and go.  I have intentionally ignored acronyms that are primarily
hardware jargon (e.g. RAM, CD-ROM, etc.) - there are far too many to list.

If I've missed some that you think should have been included, drop me a
note.  I'll add them to the list and periodically resubmit to Info-Mac.

Dan Hofferth.

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