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A. What Is REXX? REXX is a programming language designed by Michael Cowlishaw of IBM UK Laboratories. In his own words: "REXX is a procedural language that allows programs and algorithms to be written in a clear and structured way." REXX doesn't look that different from any other procedural language. Here's a simple REXX program: /* Count some numbers */ say "Counting..." do i = 1 to 10 say "Number" i end What makes REXX different from most other languages is that it is also designed to be used as a macro language by arbitrary application programs. The idea is that application developers don't have to design their own macro languages and interpreters. Instead they use REXX as the macro language and support the REXX programming interface. If a REXX macro comes across an expression or function call that it cannot resolve, it can ask the application to handle it instead. The application only has to support the features that are specific to it, freeing the developer from handling the mundane (and time-consuming) task of writing a language interpreter. And if all applications use REXX as their macro language, the user only has to learn one language instead of a dozen.
The last paragraph is a very true fact regarding AmigaOS today. All major applications, of all categories does REXX.

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